Off-Road Innovator and Industry Leader, Pat Gremillion, on Episode 50


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Off-road innovator and industry leader, Pat Gremillion, shares stories from his 30 years in off-road. Seller of Premier Power Welder and PullPal, Pat brings a wealth of knowledge and good cheer to our podcast. Listen in as we present Episode 50 with Pat and Big Rich.

2:39 – growing up with a junkyard

6:13 – I’ve always loved welding

7:56– the beginning of off-road

9:59 –my father-in-law was an inventor

11:32 – PullPal was made for friends

12:44 – “if somebody told you, you could make a living having this much fun, you wouldn’t believe it”

14:51 – the start of Premier Power Welder

18:02 – I owe those magazine guys

22:00 – meeting Harold Off

24:35 – the January vendor show

32:20 – just like E.F. Hutton

37:28 – I ain’t scared

43:56 – go eat your lunch, old man

47:12 – the double PullPal

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