Quiet Man, Ben Bower, making a ripple through off-road in Episode 53


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Some people quietly make an impact on an industry, others do it with a big splash. We’d like to introduce you to the Quiet Man, Ben Bower, making a ripple through off-road since the 1970’s. Gold medals and chrome are his M.O., but so is listening – learn why it matters.

3:34 – there’s lots of time to think with a ShopSmith

6:19 – making surfboards to get through the month

9:22– All-Marine volleyball team

12:23 – how the BART tube under the bay is made

17:36 – no food today, we’re buying a Honda

22:01 – Enduros fit my math/engineering background

28:02 – you’ve got to finish to win

31:05 – it’s a collective

41:43 – I’m a welder…and then I’m not

45:20 – first date

51:46 – I want to run the dunes and the Rubicon

1:00:57 – hooked into learning the video camera

1:05:38 – independent suspension

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