Raceline's Greg Mulkey educates us on Tires and Wheels, Episode 46


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Are you ready for an education? Raceline’s Greg Mulkey has more knowledge about tires and wheels than anyone we know. Take a trip down memory lane with Greg and Rich as they share some rad knowledge about the industry. It’s impressive

2:29 – Greg as a little whippersnapper

3:23 – selling a box of tear-offs got me a job

7:09 – I was on a mission

12:33 – a beadlock just on the right rear tire

14:30 – I got a meeting with Bill Franz Jr. at NASCAR

21:24 – getting started at Raceline

28:55– working with the Germans

34:14 – stumbling across the OG race

38:19 – it’s a serious business

57:03 – Hutchison and the military

1:08:15 – calculating ET

1:14:02 – dirt track racing with the old man, Don Campbell

1:18:29 –double beadlocks on Ian’s UTV

1:26:35 – showing Steve Kinzer how they worked

1:35:29 – I never intended to be a racecar driver

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