Spotter Extraordinaire, Josh Wilson shares the "secrets" of spotting for top drivers in Episode 28


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Spotters play as big a role as drivers in the sport of rockcrawling. Spotter extraordinaire, Josh Wilson from Kentucky gives us the lowdown on getting started in the early days.

3:48 – Mom said no!

4:50 – an auto accident introduced me to my first wheeling

7:16 – think twice before leaving your Jeep behind before you go on vacation

10:09 – Learning to do it ourselves

12:26 – Have you ever been to the Jellico rodeo?

17:41 – doing whatever it takes to compete

25:22 – competing and sharing with the best

28:15 – the importance of a spotter

34.12 – how time plays a factor

41:10 – my favorite events

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