Super-spotter Randall Davis of Lasernut Racing and Axial RC Cars


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Super-spotter Randall Davis from Team Lasernut and Axial Racing joins us for a look at his career at Axial and the 2020 season as East and West champion at WE Rock. Coming off a great season and a great weekend at Lasertown, we got tired Randall to spend time with us. Enjoy.

3:47 – From Boring to Outdoors

6:43 – Kimmie from the fourth grade

14:05 – getting started wheeling

16:54– put out an APB or something

21:53 – how Crispy got it’s name

31:00 – pressing the reset buttonl

37:09 – don’t make it weird

44:55 – my first time driving in competition

50:24 – going all-in in 2020

56:30 – tire irons are blistering

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