Team Smiles Captain, Jeremy Hammer of Fly-N-Hi in Phoenix, Episode 26


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Team Smiles Captain, Jeremy Hammer – owner of Fly-N-Hi Total Performance Center joins us for Episode 26 – our ½ year anniversary. Jeremy talks football, growing up in Arizona, Garage Rehab and more. Join us to catch up on all the latest. No matter where you are, Jeremy and his team can help you out, reach out to. for all your off-road needs, especially in Phoenix!

3:29 – Race night is on Thursdays!

5:18 – I could have been in the paint industry instead

9:23 – a 12-speed is not the same as a BMX bike

11:51 – Football wasn’t always easy

14:15 – The transition from being a kid who watches TV to a kid who plays football: how coaches mold you

18:35 – football is life

20:47 – The first four-wheel drive

27:04 – where I still want to go with the racecar

32:45 – 9 minutes and then the crane of shame

40:57 – The start of Fly-N-Hi

50:45 – the Garage Rehab experience

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