The Godfather of competitive Rockcrawling, Phil Howell, on Episode 33


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The Godfather of competitive rockcrawling, the man behind the idea, Phil Howell, shares life on the road as an award-winning DJ, a magazine editor, and the leader of the band. Phil’s stories showcase a piece of Americana that few rarely see. Go back in time with us as this whole crazy off-road world, as we know it today, was just getting started.

6:00 – A description of Baja in the early days, on a motorcycle

8:36 – She wasn’t impressed

14:50 – racing a 1972 Opel at SCCA

23:15 – draft #11, I picked Air Force, because the Air Force had girls

25:50 – always take care of your NCO’s

29:24 – quitting the band

37:14 – getting tackled by Reagan’s security team

43:09 – I’m not telling them about the trails

50:36 – The early days of EJS and Red Rock 4Wheelers

57:59 – But I flunked English, twice!

1:08:02 – The twin YJ’s get confiscated?

1:12:37 – the beginning of competitive rockcrawling

1:21:08 – paying for the builds

1:34:16 – my cockiness got me to Baja

Mad respect for this legend in our sport, if we could all be so lucky to have as many life experiences.

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