The Iceman Cometh, Dean Bulloch on Episode 24


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The Iceman Cometh…Dean Bulloch, all-around adrenaline junkie is on this weeks episode with stories for days. This one is a long one, but there’s so much good stuff, you’ve just got to listen. Dean is a world champion in so many disciplines and part of the 2020 class of Off-Road Hall of Fame inductees. We are proud to call him a friend. Listen in on your favorite podcast app. If you don’t know how to listen, go to the pinned post on this page for more info.

2:11 – What I really wanted, and how hard I worked for it

7:16 –You passed, so what?

8:56 – I used my paycheck for parts

12:56 – You better be careful throwing out a challenge to Dean

15:32 – The beginning of a long and fruitful friendship

19:07 – hash marks before GPS

22:25 – From trials bike to drag bikes

25:50 – no one is going to taunt me now

36:12 – we flipped for it

42:23 – hold my beer, the water is getting deep

51:36 –The Discovery channel takes up residence

55:15 – Clicking together

57:47 – new car blues

1:00:53 – the start of KOH

1:08:51 – September 21, 2012, the accident that changed everything

1:12:48 – Polaris vs. Artic Cat

1:17:33 – a big to-do at Horsepower Ranch

1:23:54 – the importance of Dean’s nomination to ORMHOF

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