Three time KOH Champ, Jason Scherer, Episode 25


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Three time KOH Champion Jason Scherer talks all things rock crawling, Ford, racing and family. The stories are epic, they take place all over the country with all kinds of characters. And characters they are, get to know Jason and his friends. Check out for great quality bumpers.

1:55 – A pivotable moment

5:30 – Every kid wants to be a fireman or baseball player, right?

11:03 – sixteen years old on the Rubicon (with no supervision)

16:32 – You learn from the best teachers – learning to weld

19:06 – What do you mean we have to compete in Unlimited, we only have 35” tires?

27:30 – new car blues

34:45 – The highlight event of rockcrawling

38:47 – two events, three trophies, and a near-death experience

44:50 – Baja, baby!!

58:45 – Street outlaws in the parking lot

62:34 – putting Jason Berger in the car for the first KOH win

72:04 – Opportunities that come

80:08 – The Ford team

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