Trail Boss, Jacquelyne Bebe White, on Hummers and Land Use


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Trail Boss Jacquelyne “Bebe” White takes us through running Hummers on the trail. Together with land use and our need to pay attention, Bebe shares her history as our first land use guest on the podcast. She brings a wealth of experience to the trail and to the Calls-to-Action we need to keep our trails open.

3:08 – the first Hummer purchase

4:36 – “oh, no, Miss Hummer”

6:27 – learning from Cranky Steve

10:28 – the brand gets involved with the Rubicon and me

18:06 – the H3 build and the options behind it

26:25 – on my way to being Trail Boss

33:16 –the rescue mission

42:27 – the importance of land use

46:49 –be part of the balance

53:52 –no trails, no sales

1:01:09 –repeal the Equal Access to Justice Act

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