Trail Mom, Barbara Rainey, executive director for the Off-Road Hall of Fame on Episode 48


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The most positive woman in off-road, Trail Mom, Barbara Rainey joins us for Episode 48. This episode is long on story, from Reno Rock to the Off-Road Hall of Fame. Innovation and grit at its finest. Barbara’s interview tells a bigger story, though, we all have to get involved in preserving our stories. The Off-Road Hall of Fame is a great place to start. Get involved with a partnership, a membership or a donation today.
April is nomination month at ORMHOF, it's time to get started on your packets and nominations.

2:59 – I just wanted to go to the Races!

4:32 – David got the girl, but not the Jeep

6:33– having a list and a roll of quarters

10:57 – innovators and instigators, aggravators and agitators

14:29 – special place in heaven for race promoters

20:56 – the strongest link then is the weakest link now

23:07– the importance of Tread Lightly

27:09 – Reno Rocks is born, and the lessons there

43:34 – testing the ramps in my rental car

49:32 – when I get stuck, I ask two questions

52:66 – the history of the Offroad Motorsports Hall of Fame

1:00:15 – everyone’s got a story

1:08:19 – the loss of the home of the vehicle collection

1:15:05 – it’s not the off-road Racing hall of Fame, it’s the off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame

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