CwL Ep36: The Secret to Getting What You Want


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Over the weekend something happened that put me in a total spin. Well, for about fifteen minutes…

You see, I’d planned a weekend away. A weekend without children, without agenda. Just for me.

As a solo-parent I don’t get a lot of that. Though let’s face it, even parenting with someone, these moments of solitude are often few and far between for many.

But I had a plan. My parents were taking the kids for two nights and I was giddy with excitement.

In fact, I don’t think I even realised how giddy I was until Mum called the day before with the news that she and Dad were really unwell and they wouldn’t be able to look after the kids. The poor things were heartbroken not to be able to help and of course see their beloved grandkids.

Tears started silently falling down my face as I felt my precious weekend escape slip away. And then I spiralled into all the stories that are so easy to spiral into…

…. I never get any time for me.
…. No one understands how much I needed this.
…. The school holidays feel unbearable without a break.

I gave myself the chance to feel all the feels. And then I did what has become common practice for me and for those that learn from me inside Ready for Change.

I decided to take responsibility for the plans changing and seek solutions. Just because my PARENTS were unwell didn’t mean that there weren’t other options.

You’ll learn all about the big mindset shift you can make when the chips are down. And how it can move you from victim of your circumstances to powerful creator of the life you want.

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