Cool Science Radio | May 19, 2022


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On today's Cool Science Radio, John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek's guests are Sophie Bushwick and Chris Cashwell. We start the show by discussing (01:36) why is it that for many of us cryptocurrency just seems so... cryptic? Sophie Bushwick, senior technology editor at Scientific American, helps us understand how crypto has become a mass-market product advertised to everyday buyers. But the risk of volatility that could bankrupt untold numbers of people is still high.Then, (28:20) artificial intelligence is ubiquitous and used for myriad applications most of us aren't aware of - like how it is being used to triage cancer patients. Chris Cashwell of Azra A.I. joins the show to discuss one evolving AI technology first developed to track down terrorists post 9/11, then later expanded to help law enforcement combat human trafficking, and now to help cancer patients.

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