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009 - Global Dedication - Episode 09 #GD9 Global Dedication - Episode 09 #GD9 Presented By Coone. Global Dedication is a podcast created by the purest dedication of Hard Dance! Coone’s personal touch and your lively input on each episode will form the creation of the next month's episode. Use your voice to shape the Global Dedication podcast and join in the discussion using the hashtag #GlobalDedication on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. *Global Dedication on Itunes: *Global Dedication on Soundcloud: *Global Dedication on Youtube: *Global Dedication on Twitter: *Subscribe to Global Dedication at Spotify: Tracklist #GD9: 00. Intro DJ Mag #49 01. Wasted Penguinz - Inner Peace 02. Bass Modulators - Our Dreams (Official Dream Village 2015 Soundtrack) 03. Waverider & Devin Wild - Chasing Dreams 04. Crisis Era Come On 05. Cyber - Union 06. TNT & Brennan Heart - It’s My Style (Global Listeners Choice) 07. Da Tweekaz ft. MC V - Zero Fucks Are Given (Refuzion Remix) 08. NSCLT - The Rush 09. Zatox - Rumble In The Jungle (Global Premiere) 10. Mekanikal - Pump The Jam! (Global Voice Of The Crowd) 11. Hardwell & W&W ft. Fatman Scoop - Don’t Stop The Madness (Dirtcaps Remix) 12. A-Lusion - Supernova 13. Geck-o & Aeros - Give It To Me 14. Code Black & Toneshifterz - Kick It Up Now 15. Code Black - Triangle (Global Hit Of This Month) 16. Code Black - Predator 17. Radical Redemption & Hard Driver - Choppin' Bodies 18. High Voltage & Bass Chaserz - Karate Kidz 19. Gunz For Hire - This Is Los Angeles 20. Phuture Noize - Save Me Follow Coone:

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