Episode 30: Rachel Martin


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Rachel Martin, known by many as the founder and CEO of Forward Motion Events, is also a self-proclaimed “personal development junkie,” a profound positive influencer, mom, wife, passionate entrepreneur, and philanthropist in Southern Maine and the Seacoast New Hampshire Region. I remember first witnessing and sipping in Rachel’s powerful, contagious energy as I stood at the edge of Spring Hill Pond and nervously awaited the start of the Pumpkinman Triathlon. I listened to her share her vision, gratitude, and joy for all of us triathletes, volunteers, her family, and the incredible community. And I remember thinking - “I like this woman - her awareness, kindness, empowerment, boldness!” In this episode, Rachel shares about losing her mom at the very young age of 6 and then her dad 6 years ago, how loss has shaped her, how she chooses to show up powerfully every single day with courage, openness to opportunity, passion for spreading positivity and compassion out to her kids, community, the world. Rachel is stepping boldly into her purpose in a deeper way through Rachel Martin Co, creating and cultivating positive community for women to support each other and is also in the process of writing a book about being and living “around the salt” (tune in to learn more :). There are so many nuggets of sharing, beautiful rawness, and wisdom splashed throughout this episode. I left our conversation feeling so lit up, alive, inspired, wanting to pump up the music of life and dance (another hint about Rachel :) )! Tune in, listen, and gift yourself the opportunity to soak up some of Rachel’s magic.

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