Episode 33: Emily Spencer


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I was SO excited to connect with Emily Spencer, physical therapist and certified yoga teacher who specializes in pelvic health. I had the pleasure of meeting Emily years ago at a yin yoga class in Portsmouth, NH, and immediately felt drawn to her incredible warmth, positive light, deeply kind heart, and passion for health, healing and empowerment. And I remember being so curious about her story and what led her to dive deeper into the pelvic health realm.

So, yes! We finally made it happen and it was truly such a privilege to listen to Emily share about all the different layers from her own journey of being a fierce, young athlete to suddenly hitting puberty and feeling so confused and uncomfortable in her own body and world. She touched on shame, wanting to simply hide, to finding yoga in college, discovering greater courage, self-love, connecting with a renewed sense of power in her body through her practice and education. We chatted about the gift of movement and dancing ourselves to freedom, self-expression, pure joy. We talked about the various reasons people seek out Emily’s expertise and guidance and the importance of deep listening. Other topics discussed in this episode include endometriosis, how absolutely essential relaxation is (especially for the pelvic floor), vulnerability, pleasure and intimacy, bladder bootcamp, the Pelvic Health and Yoga Collective Group that Emily created on Facebook to support women to learn and understand more about pelvic health, yoga, and self-compassion. Emily is truly a gift to this community and world; her passion and work are extremely invaluable. Pause, tune into her sharing, inspiration and knowledge, and also learn more about her @pelvicyogi on Instagram. Enjoy!

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