Episode 35: Eileen Robertson Hamra


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Eileen Robertson Hamra - author, speaker, yogi, holistic health and life coach, and impact investor - is authentic, inspiring, resilient, full of strength and grace. In this episode, she shares about her powerful, uplifting, and devastating journey of losing her husband, and father of her three children in a tragic plane crash. Years later, with a deep inner-calling to guide others to tap into their own inner strength, Eileen wrote her memoir, Time to Fly. Her story is full of grief, tremendous sadness, rawness AND incredible resiliency, possibility, joy, miracles, abundance and love. Eileen talks about how joy and pain coexist, that by surrendering into her grief and anguish, her heart simultaneously cracked open again to hope, growth, and new love. We chat about her spiritual awakening through trauma and pain, the choice to turn her agony and tenderness into purpose, all the various messages and signs that showed up after Brian’s death that led her to Mike, feeling Brian’s energy and spirit all around (and in dreams), “leaning in,” making space for love and expansiveness, new purpose, and deeper family. While interviewing and listening to Eileen, I laughed, cried, got the chills, and felt deeply inspired. This woman is beautiful - inside and out, honest, compassionate, and brave. I encourage you to pause, grab a tissue or two, and to open your heart to Eileen’s story and sharing.

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