Episode 36: Valerie Ashley


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Valerie Ashley is a Grief Therapist and Trauma-informed Career Counselor, who applies knowledge to helping survivors create professional identity and discover their strengths. In this episode, Valerie shares about the interconnectedness between people’s personal history and emotional life, and talks about how she provides trauma-informed interventions that enable clients to overcome the emotional triggers brought on by the job search and on-the-job. We chat about the impact of Covid and what people are experiencing around job loss, grief, stress, and uncertainty. And we also discuss resiliency, hidden gifts that are showing up, pivoting, curiosity, empowerment, her love of nature, biking, her family, and gratitude. Valerie opens up about her childhood, her mother’s silence around being a French Holocaust survivor, and how she (Valerie) ultimately came to study trauma. This inspiring soul lives her passion and purpose; she is a hope and resilience alchemist, empowering so many to tap into their gifts. Pause and tune into this incredible episode; you will walk away with tools, hope, and inspiration. And to learn more about Valerie and her offerings, check out her website at www.valerieashleycounseling.com.

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