Episode 41: Stacie McCoy


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Episode 41: Stacie McCoy
Stacie McCoy, founder of the “Divorce Distillery,” is an incredible Mom, Divorce Coach, Co-Parenting Strategist, INFJ, “life-long student of compassion,” and simply a beautiful, inspiring, loving soul.In this episode, Stacie opens up about her journey through divorce and experiencing her own “dark nights of the soul.” She shares about learning to soften from her inner critic and perfection, gifting herself self-care “snacks,” discovering deeper resilience, beginning each day with the Metta Bhavana Prayer, and living a heart-centered life. Stacie also talks about receiving a tremendous gift from her mom before her passing, leaping through social constructs and fear, and coming alive in her purpose. This brilliant woman’s past challenges through trauma, anxiety, and divorce combined with her passions for supporting children, families, and women have guided her to the wisdom she now chooses to share with others who are seeking support and change. Stacie empowers her clients to make choices based on their strengths and needs to create a new life that feels “drunk with possibilities.” Her loving-kindness and energy are wonderfully contagious! Tune into this episode, Stacie’s story and insight, and enjoy! If you are interested in reaching out to Stacie directly, head on over to her website: www.staciemccoy.com

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