Episode 24: Tara Hamer


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Tara Hamer of Tara Photography is an incredibly gifted artist behind the camera. From weddings to family portraits to her recent addition, birth photography, Tara captures such powerful, intimate moments and radiates clear passion, boldness, and contagious joy for her work. In this episode, she talks about discovering her love of photography as a teenager, quickly recognizing the aliveness she felt within about documenting beautiful little details that paint a scene and story. Tara shares about the importance of connection and trust with her clients, and the pride and giddiness she feels while editing their photos. This inspiring entrepreneur is also an amazing mom, wife, community connector, writer, and friend. She is brilliant, creative, inspiring, courageous, and so passionate about what she does and creates. Tune in, enjoy listening to Tara’s story, and soak up all the behind-the-scenes details to what makes Tara Photography so successful.

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