Episode 26: Tammy Miller Traniello


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Tammy Miller Traniello, founder and owner of Sweetfern Center for Wellbeing in Kennebunk, Maine, is an incredible healer, Reiki practitioner, intuitive guide, artist, and simply, such a compassionate, beautiful, inspiring soul. In this episode, Tammy shares about her discovery of meditation and energy healing years ago when she was suffering from trauma and major loss. Her experience sparked light and reawakened her spirituality and curiosity, which all led her to her true purpose of supporting others in their own healing process, personal growth and through life changes. We talk about how nature and the ocean nourish Tammy’s soul, her creative gifts of art and singing, her self-care rituals, how much she cherishes community, the power of Himalayan Salt (there is a Himalayan Salt room at Sweetfern!), the ebbs and flows of meditation practice, and continuously coming back to the exercise of surrendering and trusting. Check out sweetfernhealing.com to learn more about Tammy’s offerings and her upcoming R&R Day Retreats. And relax and restore while listening to Tammy’s amazing sharing and wisdom in this episode. Enjoy!

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