Episode 29: Kristen Carlson


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Kristen Carlson shows up in life and in this episode with such courage, vulnerability, strength, and grace. She is a yoga teacher, plant-based chef, holistic nutrition coach in the Seacoast Area and beyond, and is boldly stepping into her light and purpose after losing connection with herself and joy for a few years. Kristen shares about her passion for dancing and cooking as a young girl and then the shift into not feeling good enough and battling disordered-eating, struggling with anxiety and depression, running herself to the ground, trying to control everything around yet feeling numb, alone, empty. Yoga woke her up again and she started to reconnect with self-love, nourishment, her strength, healing, softness. Kristen speaks to the beautiful gift of Yin, her love of hearty, roasted root veggies and local food, the power of journaling, the tremendous support she feels from her mom and a couple other inspiring women in her life. Tune in and listen to this incredible woman share her transformative journey, continuous growth, and purpose.

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