Five Heart Podcast Episode 231: New Recruits, Big Red Blitz, The McCaffrey Tweet, and NILBRASKA


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Todd and I get together for another episode of the Five Heart Podcast!

This episode we discuss:

  • New recruits - Quarterback Richard Torres and kicker Josh Jasek
  • The Christian McCaffrey tweet taking a shot at Scott Frost as shown below
  • The Big Red Blitz tour and the recruiting class numbers
  • How much Todd hates exploitation
  • Name Image and Likeness as it pertains to Nebraska

Regarding the McCaffery Tweets:

Mitch Sherman started it when he tweeted the bit below. Then Luke’s overachieving brother took at shot at Scott Frost when Frost was talking about bad advice, not Luke McCaffrey.

I got in on it with a really mean tweet, honestly, because I thought Christian McAffrey’s tweet was stupid. STUPID.

Dylan McCaffrey transferred from Michigan to Northern Colorado to play football. Luke McCaffrey went from Nebraska to Louisville to Rice, a place known for great pitching, or at least it used to be.

Sensitive much, McCaffrey brothers?

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