Coronavirus, COVID-19, coronavirus variants, and vaccine updates for 10-25-2021


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This is Coronavirus 411, the latest COVID-19 info and new hotspots for October 25th, 2021.

Sure you got one dose of Johnson & Johnson, or two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, but you may soon no longer be considered fully vaccinated. The head of the CDC said it may update its definition of what constitutes full vaccination as initial vaccine effectiveness wanes and booster shots are being promoted.

Say what you want about it, but the cottage industry of scaring pregnant women about the vaccines is enjoying success. In September, the CDC urged expecting mothers to get vaccinated because complications from COVID can truly be deadly for mother and baby. Risks include stillbirths, restricted growth, and pre-eclampsia. And yet, two-thirds of America pregnant women think the vaccines are more dangerous than COVID and have not been vaccinated.

While things continue to look good in many parts of the world, not so in eastern Europe. The number of infections so far there surpassed 20 million yesterday, and they’re dealing with the worst outbreak since the pandemic started. Less than half of the population in the region have gotten a single vaccine dose. With just 4% of the world's population, eastern Europe accounts for about 20% of all new cases reported globally.

A bleak prediction for unvaccinated Covid survivors from a study out of Yale and the University of North Carolina. On average, they should expect to be reinfected with COVID every 16 to 17 months. COVID hasn’t been around long enough, so they studied reinfection in a close viral relative to find out how long natural immunity can be expected to last without any help.

An enterprising fellow in Melbourne came up with a way to help those who want to avoid getting vaccinated but enjoy all the benefits therein. He’s selling a fake arm online. The idea is you put it in a coat sleeve and hide your real arm inside the coat. Helpful instructions are to remember to wince and pretend there's some pain when the needle goes in. It’s not known how many of these have sold, especially since most vaccine shot givers know what a real arm feels like.

In the United States cases were down 25%, deaths are down 13%, and hospitalizations are down 18% over 14 days. The 7-day average of new cases has been trending down since September 13.

There are 9,503,806 active cases in the United States.

With not all states reporting daily numbers, the five states with the greatest increase in hospitalizations per capita: New Hampshire 50%, Vermont 36%, Maine 27%, Rhode Island 19%, and Colorado, Michigan, and Alaska 15%.

The top 10 counties with the highest number of recent cases per capita according to The New York Times: Goshen, WY. Boundary, ID. Humboldt, NV. Bethel Census Area, AK. Carbon, WY. Nome Census Area, AK. Stark, ND. Inyo, CA. Fremont, WY. And Park, MT.

There have been at least 735,930 deaths in the U.S. recorded as Covid-related.

The top 3 vaccinating states by percentage of population that’s been fully vaccinated: Vermont at 70.7%, and Connecticut and Rhode Island at 70.1%. The bottom 3 vaccinating states are West Virginia unchanged at 40.9%, Idaho at 43.1%, and Wyoming at 43.3%. The percentage of the U.S. that’s been fully vaccinated is 57.2%.

The five countries with the highest current infection reproduction rate are Czechia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Poland.

Globally, cases were down 2% and deaths were down 4% over 14 days, with the 7-day average trending down since October 22.

There are 18,015,968 active cases around the world.

The five countries with the most new cases: The U.K. 39,962. Russia 35,660. Turkey 24,792. Ukraine 20,791. And the United States 17,580.

There have been at least 4,947,878 deaths reported as Covid-related worldwide....

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