544: Global Oil Prices, Scarcity & Utility, The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens by Chrysta Castañeda


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Jason interviews Chrysta Castañeda, author of The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens. Get the oil and gas industry insight from Chysta, the go-to lawyer for high stakes litigation in the energy industry and beyond. Chrysta shares her experience with T. Boone Pickens and her knowledge of the current oil market problems.

Before our guest today, Jason talks about Stimulus Maximus and how this plays into scarcity and utility. What makes an economic unit valuable?

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] “Luxury Weather”

[4:45] How many tenants paid their rent with a credit card?

[6:20] Litigation is a form of human rights

[7:15] Stimulus Maximus - Senate passed a $484 billion stimulus package

[9:30] What makes any economic unit valuable is scarcity and utility

[11:30] In terms of scarcity and utility, what’s to come of the dollar?

[14:00] Private Podcast in the Members Only JHU

[16:30] What happened with Pickens and how did the investment deal go bad?

[20:40] "As we saw the financial markets plummet, so did the oil market"

[21:30] Suadi Arabia and Russia are starting a supply war with oil, which was already oversupplied

[23:30] There is a coordinated market mechanism for oil production limitations

[26:40] Brief history about the name "Railroad Commission"

[29:00] Will we shift to a larger work-from-home community?





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