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Dr. Cynthia Fisher, Patient Rights Advocate joins Jason Hartman today to discuss the issue of hospital pricing transparency. If this issue is ever forced into action, will cash pricing or insurance pricing be the better deal in hospitals? As well, how does this issue play into Coronavirus, and have hospitals been hurt or have they benefited from Covid-19?

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Hospital pricing transparency?

[3:00] Will cash pricing or insurance pricing be the better deal in hospitals?

[6:15] What can we fix in this next round of stimulus?

[7:30] What’s a charge master rate?

[10:00] Sued using the first amendment saying, “we have the right as hospitals and insurance companies to have our gag orders and secret hidden prices as part of our freedom of speech.”

[13:00] Have the hospitals been hurt by COVID-19?

[16:20] Patient was charged $6,000 for being tested and treated for COVID-19 in a tent outside the hospital.






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