574: The Kardashev Scale, AI, Singularity, MicroFluidics, Sanjiv Rai


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Are we capable of destroying ourselves in the journey to beat this reverse Malthusian? Jason Hartman talks with Sanjiv Rai. Sanjiv is Founder, Chairperson, Chief Solver, and Chief Architect of multiple health tech companies, inlacing Genic AI, which has developed cures to SARS-CoV-2 and future related strains of the virus. Sanjiv talks about the Kardashev scale and how we can get past level 1. Sanjiv also shares his work on the vaccine for Coronavirus related strains.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] What level of civilization are we on planet earth (Kardashev Scale)?

[4:45] What does microfluidics mean?

[9:20] Explain the naming convention of COVID-19 and similar viruses?

[13:15] Will we have a vaccine, and will people take it?

[15:20] Discussing AI, singularity, and the potential for balance.

[17:45] Sanjiv discusses his research regarding brain to brain interface, when two people can talk, without actually speaking.

[19:30] Combining quantum computing with AI

[21:30] How is this reverse Malthusian?

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