593: Thought Criminal, Beyond Woke & Digital Gulag by Dr. Michael Rectenwald


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Jason Hartman interviews the author, Michael Rectenwald. Michael prognosticates that censorship will be further exacerbated by the events of January 6. Are we in the midst of a revolution? Is there a concern for freedom of thought, and how would this play out? Rectenwald takes us through the looking glass with this interview that urges one to take another look at our surrounding political atmosphere.


Thought Criminal by Michael Rectenwald

Beyond Woke by Michael Rectenwald

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Rectenwald feels that censorship will be further exacerbated by the events of January 6, and why are big-tech so leftist?

[3:45] Are we undergoing a revolution?

[7:20] Will UBI save you or put you in a bind?

[15:15] Is there a concern for freedom of thought?

[19:00] What is the reason for the wokeness movement?

[27:00] Corporate socialism.

[29:00] Does cryptocurrency make you feel free from the government?

[30:00] Decentralization is the answer, but how do we go about it?





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