Ep. 246 - Spirit Work Podcast - "Cancers, The Chariot & The Secret of Manifestation!"


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Ep. 246 - Happy Birthday month Cancers! In this episode we speak about Cancer and traits of this zodiac sign. We also look at some symbolism and lessons connected to the CHARIOT Tarot card which is associated with Cancer. Angel shares some stories from his vacation/Tori Amos concert adventures. Finally Angel shares his experiences MANIFESTING a shares some SECRETS OF MANIFESTATION! Join us for a fun and enlightening new episode!

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The Cosmic Eye Spirit Work Podcast is hosted by Jason @cosmiceyetarot and Angel of @angelonthe8thday. A fun and funny talk show that helps you connect to your Spirit Wisdom within! We talk about our experiences and understandings about Spirit, spirits, ancestors, psychic awareness, empaths, intuition, angels, saints, the Spirit World and more. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode.

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