EP-48 Tamarindo, Flamingo & Papagayo Real Estate Update and Opportunities from Top Realtor Rebecca Clower from Bluewater Properties


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We chat today with Rebecca (Becky) Clower, owner and Top Broker for Blue Water Properties about what's going in the Tamarindo, Flamingo & Papagayo areas of Costa Rica. We chat about the cost of land, the price you will pay for a 3-bed condo in each and also when people should look to build v buy. We also cover advice on finding yourself a good builder.
Becky also gives her input on what opportunities she foresees in the area, everything from commercial real estate, to storage and toy shops.
Contact us: info@investingcostarica.com
Guests today
Rebecca Clower: becky@bwpcr.com
Bluewater Properties: https://www.bluewaterpropertiesofcostarica.com/

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