Hot Bologna Burgers!


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July 4th was a three day event this year and we had some fun! BBQ, parades, patriotic Rice Krispies! We discuss this viral round hot dog aka hot bologna burger. Tiktok is finding a way in our lives even though we still haven’t downloaded the app with the new “Taco pickles” “recipe.” JKJ shares her controversial TikTok opinion. We discuss some odd news. A woman in ATL woke up to an exotic cat IN HER BED. NOT OK. JKJ was feeling brave after she killed a tiny spider in the shower this morning only to read about a Walmart employee who tackled a deer in a store. We answer a voicemail and text. One about our kids’ favorite shows and the other all about NYC! You can support our show in so many ways! Tell your friends to listen! Check out for all your food storage needs and use the code “couplefriends” for a regular monthly discount. Join us on Patreon ( where you can see #AL show off his egg cooking skills (and more)! And lastly, join us on Saturday, July 17th, as we live tweet the movie The Ice Road starring Liam Neeson on Netflix! Press play at 9 PM Eastern and follow along on twitter with the hashtag #CFPod. Check out the trailer here: Follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter @JKJandAL. Call and leave us a voicemail at 404-477-4160 or e-mail us at Join our patreon for more fun!

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