Why the Browns need to extend Nick Chubb's contract now


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Running back Nick Chubb is arguably the best player on offense for the Browns. Coming back from injury in Sunday's win against the Houston Texans, Chubb showed he's the most selfless. Although he could've scored a touchdown in the final minute of the game, Chubb casually stepped out of bounds so the Browns could run out the clock.

This was the type of game that defines Chubb as a player. On this week's Cover 2 podcast, Nate Ulrich and Dan Kadar talk about Chubb's performance and why the Browns should extend his contract now.

Now they get to Chubb, though, they discuss how the Browns are reacting to getting hit by COVID-19. They close this week's show looking ahead to Sunday's game against the Eagles and going over the keys to the game.

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