E27 - Partnering with Small Businesses For Mutual Success. A Conversation with Sofya Pogreb, COO of Next Insurance


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Small business has been an underserved area of insurance. Compared to larger commercial accounts, small businesses generally have low premiums and above normal back-office activity (think, certificates of insurance). Those who have side hustles are even more underserved as until recently, they were automatically grouped into the "small business" category, even though they have a significantly different business model and risk profile. Technology has finally arrived that will allow for this segment to be appropriately served.

In this episode, I discussed this topic with Sofya Pogreb, COO of Next Insurance. Next is a full-stack, multi-line small business insurance provider. Next is rethinking the engagement of small businesses with their insurance provider, preferring to treat the relationship as a partnership in which Next looks not only to insure but to be a trusted resource for these companies to grow.

Sofya Pogreb (LinkedIn) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sofya-pogreb-8876b7/
Next Insurance (Homepage) - https://www.nextinsurance.com/

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