E33: Wellness & Life Insurance. How John Hancock Developed Their Vitality Program


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Part of the conflict between insurance buyers and insurance carriers is that while both stakeholders WANT the same outcome (neither the homeowner nor the insurer WANT a fire, neither the life insurance company nor the policyholder WANT a death) there is a disconnect of communication. Policyholders don't understand what they can do to lower risk...or worse...they know what to do, but the insurer has not communicated that they would reward the policyholder for taking steps to lower risk.

In this episode, I spoke with Lindsay Hanson, Head of Vitality Strategy and Operations on how John Hancock is using technological devices to nudge and encourage policyholders to make healthy decisions, which should lead to better health outcomes, which should mean longer lives, which should mean lower life insurance premiums.

Lindsay Hanson (LinkedIn) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-hanson-160581a/
John Hancock Vitality Program - https://www.johnhancockinsurance.com/vitality-program.html

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