CLB 132: Why I’ve Decided to Travel WITHOUT My Partner


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I know you all love a life update and today is a big one! I’m bringing you behind the scenes on the topic that has been occupying my mind THE MOST these past 12 months & the perspective I’ve recently shifted into that has allowed me a new level of freedom in both my life + relationship. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s vulnerable! Join me as we talk: * When you and your partner want to walk different paths (literally or not), and still want to be together * The new kind of romantic relationship I’m focussed on creating * Why I love travelling as a tool for self discovery and yet it scares me more than anything * What my mind has been worried about this past year + the decision I’ve made to FINALLY allow myself the life I desire * What it looks/feels like when the universe is supporting you to make big decisions + changes in your life This episode is perfect for you if you’re currently navigating a change, pivot or new adventure in your life, but your mind is feeling scared to make that leap. Enjoy! For full show notes head to:

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