Why Are Interest Rates Important to Investors?


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What is an interest rate and why do investors pay close attention to them? In this episode, Bill and Anastasia discuss how interest rates affect stocks, bonds, and how the Federal Reserve's actions impact the broader economy. They cover what is going on with today's interest rates, how that compares to the historical average, and what investors should keep in mind with the Fed's announced interest rate increases for 2022. Bill discusses AMC stock and Anastasia mentions how she guest starred on a friend's Dungeons and Dragons podcast, playing a "financial wizard."

Bill and Anastasia also invite listeners to submit their messages of gratitude for the next and last episode of 2021. You can send in what you are thankful for this year to askcreatingwealth@taberasset.com by Thursday, December 16. For an example of how this was done, check out last year's episode "Hindsight is 2020."

To listen to Anastasia's guest star spot on the D&D podcast, check out Adequately Advanced Magic, specifically the Bonus Episodes titled "Taco-y Financial Relations."

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