1598: Rising Homeownership Rates? Record Low Interest, The Covid Effect, Jenna Weinerman


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Jason Hartman shares the good news; interest rates at another record low! Texas is recording an increasing homeownership rate. Is it better for investors, society, the economy if homeownership rates continue to increase?

Jenna Weinerman, VP of Marketing from updater.com, returns in part two to discuss some additional figures on Americans' moving away from big cities. This suburban tsunami has some big-city dwellers headed back to their hometowns.

Charlotte Market Profile Webinar: www.JasonHartman.com/Charlotte


Key Takeaways:

[2:35] We broke another record with interest rates!

[5:00] Is an increasing homeownership rate a good thing?

Jenna Weinerman

[10:30] What cities are making headlines and why? The Covid-19 Effect on NYC

[11:45] San Franciscans liked to stay in California, while NYC residents likely left the state.

[15:25] Jenna continues to break down where people that fled ended up.

[17:15] Where did San Franciscans go? … besides California, Texas!

[22:00] Where are Boston and Vegas residents going?

[25:00] A lot of people are moving to Denver, CO. Where are they coming from?

[29:30] What should our country expect moving forward?

[34:00] If there were ever a time to purchase a home, now is it!






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