1576: 62.6% Income Tax, Rapper '50 Cent' Supports Trump, Continued Migration, Foreclosure or Opportunity, Rick Sharga


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What percentage of your salary is going to taxes? Jason Hartman shares staggering stats on income tax across the US. And the migration out of high-priced, cyclical markets continues.

Rick Sharga returns to the show to distinguish between foreclosures and opportunities. Will the 3 million forbearance cases end up in foreclosure? Rick also gives an excellent insight into every sector of what he thinks is to be expected in the commercial real estate market.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Would you like to work for the government for 228.5 days per year?

[6:00] The mass migration continues.

[7:45] Check out this ad from a Baltimore politician.

[11:45] Speaking of migration, Uhaul prices' paint a clear picture of where people are going.

Rick Sharga

[18:00] Rick distinguishes between foreclosures and opportunities.

[24:00] Will 3 million in forbearance programs end up in foreclosures?

[27:00] What happens when all of these loans come out of forbearance?

[32:45] Discussing California's new law that the institutional buyer cannot buy foreclosures.

[34:45] We already see a higher number of commercial foreclosure properties popping up.

[36:00] Rick breaks down his expectations for each sector of the commercial real estate environment.

[39:30] One of the most significant shortages in housing is in the low price tiers. Here's why.











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