This is our Future: Saving the Planet . . . with Bas den Braber and Jenna Seiden


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In this episode, we hear how Bas Den Brader and Jenna Seiden are following their purpose with Zambezi Partners, a benefits corporation with a mission to eradicate African wildlife poaching during our lifetime. They both worked in large company business-to-business strategy, consulting, and brand leadership, and have found their purposes after their mid-career reality checks. Their careers in their subsequent order built toward new opportunities . . . that led to their using tech tools to advance anti-poaching solutions. They “grok” larger organizations and see the barriers to change -- and share that experience as interpreters between tech and technology to create forward momentum and innovation with saving species of animals. On Dec. 13, 2020, at, they are having a fundraiser to support fundraising around people on the ground, as well as the technologies being used to complement what they do . . . staying on track to save these animals . . . and on KNECT TV app on your Roku Player and other devices. Support this podcast

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