EP175: The Ever-Evolving Music Industry with Wendy Day


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In an industry that's constantly evolving, whether in the rapid short term (from an event like a pandemic) or over the course of years, how can artists measure the climate of the music business, stay leveraged, and stand out above the noise?

On this episode of Creative Juice, we're joined by our friend, artist consultant, educator, and music industry veteran Wendy Day for a chat about the evolution of the music industry and where we stand today! As the founder of Rap Coalition and with decades of experience in the business working with some of the biggest names in hip hop, learn from Wendy's stories from the frontlines about how artists can maintain leverage in a changing world, how to be a data-driven artist in 2021, and how to grow a massive brand around your artistry.

Whether you're totally green as an artist or are looking to gain a foothold in new ways, Wendy's insights will massively change your outlook and benefit your career!


  1. Why authenticity reigns supreme in the music business now more than ever

  2. What the trajectory of livestreaming will look like when touring returns

  3. How to be data driven when releasing music and picking singles

  4. Why tunnel vision to music limits your reach and career

  5. Where NFTs fit into monetization right now - it's not what you think!

  6. How the music industry has shifted post-360 deals and how artists can maintain leverage


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