Parents of the Year Awards


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The animal kingdom is full of devoted parents, whose child rearing skills are incredible, shocking, and gross! Some parents, like our guest Steph Williams, would give you the shirts off their backs, and others would give you the skin off their backs... literally.


  1. Horned marsupial frog
  2. Horned marsupial frog with eggs (warning, yucky)
  3. Blue poison dart frog with tadpole on his back
  4. Suriname toads (warning, trypophobia trigger)
  5. Killdeer mating
  6. Killdeer faking injury
  7. Rhea dad with babies
  8. Octopus mothers
  9. Cotton topped tamarin
  10. Barbary macaque
  11. Elephant showing off her baby to rescuers

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