Episode 48 - The Heartbreaking Story of Carol Coronado & Internet Contests Gone Wrong


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In this weeks episode, Amber covers the heart wrenching story of Carol Coronado. Carol was overwhelmed with three babies at home. While her friends and family knew that she was stressed out and stretched thin, what the failed to notice was that Carol was suffering from postpartum psychosis. This is a story about the pressures and the stigmas that are placed on mothers and a justice system that failed a sick young woman.
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Then Erika talks about internet contests that went very wrong; from an endangered whale naming contest to contests having to do with singers Pitbull, Bieber, Swift and Durst. A few vessels that were very poorly named but still funny none the less, and the one about the little girl who could have been named after a demonic octopus-headed creature. Listen in while Erika tries to relay the stories to Amber without giggling and possibly spitting out her wine!
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