Episode 54 - The Attempted Murder/Suicide of Kelli and Issy Stapleton & Myths and Legends of the US Part 2


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This week, Amber is drinking Quinton Estates Merlot, and Erika is drinking Quinton Estates Chardonnay
In this episode, Amber covers the attempted murder/suicide of Kelli & Issy Stapleton. Kelli Stapleton, a stay at home mom of 3, appeared to be the strongest advocate and cheerleader for her middle child, Issy, who was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. But Kelli's dark posts from her blog "The Status Woe" told a different story. One that may have predicted the cruel act that Kelli would commit.
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Then Erika continues taking us on the journey through the myths and legends of the US. We left off in Hawaii last week and we will start this week in Idaho and end up in Montana Then stay tuned for Part 3 of this series where we will have made it through some of the creepiest Myths and Legends of the US, which will come out in 2 weeks.
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