The Dardeen Family Murders


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In 1987, the small town of Ina, Illinois was rocked by the senseless and brutal murders of the Dardeen family. When 29-year-old Keith Dardeen failed to show up for work, his parents called the police. The police made a shocking discovery at the Dardeen home. Keith's wife Elaine, who was seven months pregnant, and their 3-year-old son Peter were found bludgeoned to death. Elaine delivered a baby girl during the attack and police found the infant deceased as well.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss this infamous case out of the Midwest. Keith was nowhere to be found and he was initially thought of as a suspect in the murders by police. That thought disappeared, however, when Keith's body was found in a field not far from the home. He had been shot in the head and his genitals had been mutilated. Police scrambled to try to figure out who could have committed these heinous murders. One serial killer took credit but police don't believe he had anything to do with the case. But who did?

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