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Season 3: Embers from a Chimney II is a D&D5e podcast that will journey with 4 wayward adventurers into the heart of the Southlands; a land of mystery and adventure, where riches and dangers await those brave enough to cross the wild expanses. Season 2: The Player’s Perspective is a bitesize podcast that is created in conjunction with The DMs Perspective podcast (found on all podcasting platforms), hosted by my own GM ... Nulky (@iNulky). I will review my role playing within D&D campaigns where I am a player, and look at what I felt went well and what changes I can make to improve the role playing experience for everyone at the table. Season 1: A D&D 5E campaign diary discussion between an Oz player and a Canuck DM. We play for fun because role playing is cool. We are not experts, we try our best to know some rules, but ultimately it’s the story that interests us, and suspension of belief is the goal.

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