Satpreet Kahlon "BIPOC on Colonialism, Nationalism, and [the harmful illusion of] White Supremacy"


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Conversation with Satpreet Kahlon, a Punjabi-born, Seattle based artist, organizer, and curator, and the editor of New Archives, a nonprofit arts journal which focuses on art in the Pacific Northwest. We talk about Satpreet's work at (now-defunct) The Alice Gallery, including her first experience at curating the show "From Which We Rise", and its familial connections. We discuss the vibrations of Place, and Satpreet's US experiences living around the country. We touch on institutional tokenism, her work with yəhaw̓ Indigenous Collective, and the issues with "decolonizing". Side-eyeing the New York Times. Theories on how some work by BIPOC artists is largely ignored because it isn't easily digestible for hegemonic consumption. We hear about Satpreet's own artistic practice, the ways she interrogates space, and how her work "...moves against the framework of metal penii", embodying anti-monumentalism. The influence of Archive, and the words of Saidiya Hartman, and how not all curators are created equal.

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