Berette Macaulay "BIPOC on Colonialism, Nationalism, and [the harmful illusion of] White Supremacy"


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Conversation with Berette S. Macaulay, a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and writer from Jamaica and Sierra Leone. Her research and visual arts practice engage themes of belonging, identity-performance, illegibility, love, memory, and mythmaking. We discuss living a multiplicitous life, and the institutional lie that you must focus on One Thing, or be branded a failure. Interrogating the process of critical dialogue. What populations are still being overlooked in the art world? The influence of the Black Portlanders project. Working with artists who are creating work to, “...speak to some of the traumas, but not define ourselves by these traumas.” How institutional racism creates a challenge in even putting together a show that is about Black people. Tokenism in cultural institutions. The invisibility of power. Interrogating terms like “white privilege” and “white supremacy”, to unroot the mythologies of “Whiteness”. And so much more.

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