Chris Dcosta on Accounting Without Manual Entry or Reconciliation with Totem


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Chris Dcosta with Totem joins us to discuss accounting without having to carry out manual entry or reconciliation.

Totem is building a real-time global accounting ledger disrupting the accounting industry. Our goal is to replace accounting software within 10 years, and in the very near future Totem will change the way you account for everything — taking accounting off the todo list for everyone. All sales and purchases will automatically appear in your accounting records without having to carry out any manual entry or reconciliation. With Totem, you can ensure your accounts are completely accurate, compliant, and maintenance-free.

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Blog: Dcosta joins us to discuss how Totem is using blockchain for accounting without having to carry out manual entry or reconciliation.

Chris D’Costa is the founder of Totem Accounting, creator and driving force behind the implementation of the peer-to-peer Live Accounting Protocol. Chris spent over 20 years designing and building enterprise accounting, business intelligence and ERP systems. In 2013, Chris and a few Bitcoin early adopters started the Belgian Bitcoin Association as an educational and policy advisory body around legal status and other issues concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies to governmental organisations, private individuals and corporations. In 2014, Chris combined his enterprise architect background and technical blockchain expertise to research the concept of global corporate currencies with his clients which disclosed a universal disconnect in the exchange of accounting information. The result of the research is the Live Accounting Protocol used in Totem’s blockchain application, Totem Live. The Totem Live Accounting Network - a decentralized real-time peer-to-peer accounting network - is still in alpha development but has been live since April 2019. The team is anticipating a full product public mainnet launch in late 2021.

Contact Chris:

Telegram: @chris_dcosta

Twitter: @cjdcosta


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*Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice.


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