Erez Ben on Using Blockchain to Transform Regular Links into Multi-Step Referral SmartLinks


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Today Erez joins us to discuss how 2key is using blockchain to transform regular links into multi-step referral SmartLinks.

Erez is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2key, But known by everyone as Kiki. After a long career in the Finance sector, he made a pivot in his life into the hi-tech industry to become an online marketing specialist. He’s an expert in leveraging small ideas into big dreams that sweep people into a kicking reality. His long-term vision is to make a change in the advertising industry, helping businesses and people by making the world a little more flat and equitable. Kiki’s passion is nature and the outdoors, and he defines himself as an environmental activist leader. His motto- Always think out of the boX.


2key's vision and plans ahead -

Products: Product 1, Product 2 , Product 3

Statistcs -

How 2key is different -

What pain 2key solves -

2key biggest achievements so far -

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