Irene Aldridge on Big Data's Potential Impact on Market Stability & Trader Profitability


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Irene Aldridge joins us to discuss how Big Data can have an impact on the market stability and trader profitability.

Irene Aldridge is a co-author of “Big Data Science in Finance” (with

Marco Avellaneda, Wiley 2020), an internationally-recognized

quantitative and Big Data Finance researcher, Adjunct Professor at

Cornell University and President and Managing Director, Research, of

AbleMarkets, a Big Data for Capital Markets company. She was named to

the Forbes’ Top 40-Over-40 Women’s List in 2017. Prior to AbleMarkets,

Aldridge designed and ran high-frequency trading strategies in a

$20-million cross-asset portfolio. Still previously, Aldridge was, in

reverse order, a quant on a trading floor; in charge of risk

quantification of commercial loans; Basel regulation team lead;

technology equities researcher; lead systems architect on large

integration projects, including web security and trading floor

globalization. Aldridge started her career as software engineer in

financial services.

Aldridge holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union, and MS

in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, and an MBA from

INSEAD. In addition, Aldridge studied in two PhD programs: Operations

Research at Columbia University (ABD) and FInance (ABD). Aldridge is the

author of multiple academic papers and several books. Most notable

titles include “Big Data Science in Finance” (co-authored with Marco

Avellaneda, Wiley, 2020), “Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know

About Fintech, High-Frequency Trading, Flash Crashes” (co-authored with

Steve Krawciw, Wiley, 2017), “High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide

to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems” (2nd edition, translated

into Chinese, Wiley 2013), and “The Quant Investor’s Almanac 2011: A

Road Map to Investing” (Wiley, 2010). Her recent academic publications

include “Neural Networks in Finance: Design and Performance” (with Marco

Avellaneda in the Journal of Financial Data Science, 2019), “Big Data in

Portfolio Management” (Journal of Financial Data Science, 2019), “ETFs,

High-Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes” (Journal of Portfolio

Management, 2016), and “High-Frequency Runs and Flash Crash

Predictability” (Journal of Portfolio Management, 2014). Aldridge

presently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of

Applied Data Science to Finance.

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*Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice.


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